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David demonstrates the process of making a glass Mickey Mouse.


This piece is an award that was given to the artist that had won the "Best of Show" at the "Festival of the Masters" art Fair.


This show had been held annually in the month of November at the exciting "Downtown Disney" in Orlando Florida.

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David created a large art glass Mickey Mouse with a glass jelly bean jar. This piece was inspired because Ronald Reagan always kept a jar of jelly beans on his desk in the oval office.


This specific piece was made in collaboration with his wife Dixie, bringing her specialized experience in art glass jewelry for this special piece.  in all she created 600 red, white, and blue glass jelly beans for the glass jelly bean jar.


This piece was presented to Nancy Reagan on July 3, 2012, at the opening of the Disney Archives at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  

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David participated in the first of it's kind, "International Flameworking Invitational ", which was held in Las Vegas in 2010.


There was so much excitement during this competition. The pressure to compete against the world's best was intense. The competition was divided into 12 teams consisting of 4 artists each. Each group contained years of combined talent and experience which all came together to make some incredible art glass.


Watch as David creates this unique dragon which became the central focal point of the piece which was named the "Dragon Fountian"

In this video,


See some of David's work on display in his booth at an art show. Later in the video, you can see him demonstrating for guests at Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida.

I have been honored to be featured on the cover of Sunshine Artist Magazine. The issue also contains a very nice article. Please click on the image to see the article

Unfortunatly IHG was closed in January of 2017 when the landlord decided to cash out and sell the property. 

Just a fun video of my art show display

making a horse in my home studeo

some students came in to make a cool video

Three old guys blowing glass:

Robert Michelsen

Lewis Wilson

David Sandidge